Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I’m angry today. But here’s the thing, I’ve already been through the anger with this particular situation. The party at fault understands my anger and has apologized. And I moved on.
But the past couple of days that anger has surfaced again. This situation does not have a practical quick fix. It’s one of those where slow and steady wins the race. So I am trying to suppress this anger. But this suppression is eating me up inside.

So why did the anger come welling back up? I think because I heard a round of “woe is me” and I feel that this was misdirected. Then a partial remedy was discussed and there was enthusiasm, but there were excuses about why there was difficulty in following up with the remedy. I take 5 minutes online and find the information needed and it was online. Thus it did not require a phone call nor a 45 mile drive. And the responsible party surely had time to do this search with the fact that the computer is always on whether a game is being played or an online show is being watched.

Anyways, maybe this confession will help me move on.

Friday, June 05, 2009

My High school Freshman

And man, The Pomp and Circumstance that the Catholic Church does so well made is a wonderful 8th Grade graduation ceremony.