Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Oct 23

Once again I am struggling to come up with my successes. I get up. get ready, drop my teenager off at school, go to work and either pick the teenager up or come home to babysit my Grandson while his parents attend class. Lather, rinse, repeat...

Add to this the fact that I work on a contract basis. My contract is currently expiring at the end of November. It seems to be touch and go as to if it will be renewed. This is always so much fun, NOT!

So I have:
1. Updated my resume
2. Made dinner every night this week even if it was not well-received
3. I dropped off a pair of shoes at the repair shop to have new heels put on them before iw ore them down too much.

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Oct 9

Another Thursday, Another post...

I am in a season of my life where I really need these weekly reminders. Personally I feel like I am spinning my wheels most of the time, not growing in any aspect of my life.

It is amazing how with the advent of blogs, twitter and online news, how focused I am on my faith life. I think about my faith and the love for it much more than I did 10 years ago when my faith life consisted of prayer before dinner, Mass on the weekends and conversations with my kids about their day at the Catholic school.  

Now I can participate in Novenas by signing up for regular emails from (Not that I am good at saying the prayers each and every day, But God is hearing me. My intentions for the last year have been focused on asking for my parents to get moved back to my home town. That has finally happened. I prayed for a peaceful death for a wonderful lady who is a friend of the family. Her doctors are amazed that she is not in excruciating pain and she has a happy demeanor, granting her husband, kids and grandkids good memories of her final days. I have been praying for my son, DIL and Grandson that they build a strong family and take steps to support themselves. My son has been working a labor intensive job for almost a year. We would love him to take some classes or vocational training. He is back taking an English class towards a degree and he is starting to explore other options. He realized that he does not want to be like his poor partner at work who is 50, has been pulling cable all of his working life, is slow, aching and tired. Thank you Lord!

I have been mostly patient with the 15 yo when he blamed me for forgetting his lunch the other day. He said I rushed him. Hum, I have a declared time to leave the house. He was not ready. Not my fault. This morning we had to turn around because he forgot his school laptop. Although I admit I got quite load when he did not want to taek the bag of too small creates in for the sports equipment drive saying "It would be a pain to carry it to the other side of the school." After his actions had put me at least 15 minutes late and I had to call into a conference call from my car.

And I have cooked dinner and packed my lunch this week. For today I have split pea soup in my crockpot.

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Small Success Thursday - The Day to Day Grind

More and more, I am having difficulty coming up with my small successes. But then I think that is when I really need to think about this. My vocation as a Wife and Mom have a tendency to be eclipsed by my working-for-pay job. In the beginning, I was called to work. I enjoyed it, I could not imagine being a stay at home Mom. it was not for me. I had earned my Master's degree and was ready to take in the IT world. It would be quite a few years before Hubby would decided he was ready to go back to school for his degree.

These days, my paycheck is putting out son through Catholic High school, school loans and extra wants and luxuries. The first two are worth every penny. My youngest son is only dependent upon me for grocery transportation, grocery shopping an financial support. I am longing to slow down, I still enjoy the paid work I do. And I have a good amount of flexibility. God had been good to me, in June he pointed me to a new job that enabled me to take my son to and from school (no bus service). And even though it is a contract position, I am keeping calm that everything will work out ok. If it is meant to be that I work less and be available to care for my Grandson so his parents can work and go to school, it will happen (My perfect scenario is a part-time position. Unfortunately they are not so common in IT).

Anyways, my days start early with getting up and getting dressed. I aim to leave the house at 6:30 pending the readiness of the teenager, drop him off at school. work by 7:30. I usually work through lunch so I can leave at 4. M & W I need to pick up the teen form school, T & Th he has band, but my older son and his wife have class, so they drop off the baby at 4:30. I cook and serve dinner, we clean up, I spend time with Hubby and am in bed by 9:30 and start all over again. Unless there is a band boosters meeting, or a meeting of the school's parent technology committee that I help out on... You get the picture.

So I guess there is success at putting one foot in front of the other, taking care of my employer's needs and my family's needs. I'd love to squeeze some personal exercise in there, on a consistent basis,. I manage a walk every couple of days.. But it is not be be this season.

But hey, I have packed my lunch so far this week. Better fro my wallet and my waistline.    

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Small Success -Examining the to-do list

Why is it so hard to find my successes. These are supposed to be small things. So let's go to my to do list:

  • Work on a Quilt - Nope
  • color my hair - yes, last night - Can I get a woo-hoo?
  • Cook Dinner - Monday was yes, Tuesday, leftovers, Last night - Hubby worked late. DS15 believe she got his Nephew's cold, so he wanted Chicken soup. Know what Chick soup looked like? A can of low sodium chick broth, water and concentrated stock, egg noodles cooked in the former and a couple of small cans of chicken thrown in. It is all gone.
  • Prepare chicken and noodles for 24 band kids on Friday. I cooked 2 whole chickens (ironically while making the above soup). I cooked them from frozen, and even got them deboned. 
  • Prepare 20 brownies for tailgating lunch at school. - Not yet, tonight. 
  • Take my grandson to get real shoes since he is walking and it is getting colder out. - His cold was making him unhappy hen i kept him Tuesday. We will try again tonight. 
Not so bad when I take a good look. I needed this this week. 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Sept 18

Hello everyone,

I started a post last week, but enumerating successes was hard. So I am back.

  • Stood in for Hubby presiding over the Band Boosters meeting while he was out of town. Just call me Edith Wilson. 
  • I have been successful at not breaking down at my teenager's emotional pendulum swings this week. He was very grumpy when I was able to make it school to pick him up. I understand having to sit around and wait is frustrating. but my job pays his tuition. Although he did say that he thinks this Catholic school was a much better choice than  he local public school. It is just too bad the public school district decided to punish parents for levy failures by eliminating busing for high schoolers...
  • Sunday I defrosted mt freezer. Hubby and DS were getting frustrated that there were not the usual heat a serve-type dished there, but I needed to get is emptied to the point where I could get everything in the freezer of the refrigerator. Coming up, a trip to Costco... 
Jump on over to Catholic Mom to share and celebrate the little successes we all forget about. 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

It is Small Success Thursday...

Hi Folks, Here I am again, it is Thursday.

1. Last Friday was the first High School Football game of the season. We made it. The band is smaller (again) this year. So Sad. But the school is known for it's athletics. But here is a gratuitous picture of a couple of my favorite guys:

2. Last night was "meet the teacher" night. Hubby was fighting a cold, so I went by myself. I have to say my son is really enjoying the High School.

3. Biting my tongue about someone who gets so excited and posts videos of a certain almost 8-month-old (Pictured above)  walking and tags me. Sometimes I'd like to share family news with my Facebook friends and family my own way, not necessarily someone else' s video. Besides, He was doing that at my house earlier that same day. I just did not take video of it. LOL! 

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small Success Thursday

We've had a mild summer until now. Everyone is back in school and the hot, humid, muggy air comes in.

1. Had a very grumpy teenager yesterday. School had a late start yesterday due to a teacher meeting, but My work did not have a late start. Intellectually he understood that and blamed his anger on "Murphy's law". This quick-tempered Momma managed to keep her cool and her voice down instead of yelling.

2. Same teenager was allegedly the last one to access the freezer in the garage for a frozen breakfast sandwich. I came home Tuesday to a big puddle of water on the garage floor and defrosted items int eh freezer. I simply sighed and gave Thanks that I did not do a big stock up on the Costco run as I threw out Waffles, Breakfast sandwiches, homemade broth, Flank steak, Chicken, pulled pork...

3. Finally got Ponchos ordered for the Band. I have been looking at them. We have insulated raincoats that are good for 30-50 degrees, but in Aug and Early Sept, they are took heavy. Of course, the Team has won that State championships the last 2 years and the Late November and December games have been very cold.  I just felt like I was making decisions in a vacuum, but finally did it.

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