Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Spring Break edition

My first post with the pretty new logo.

I am on a spring break trip with 25 High school students. We have 17 band members, four Color Guard, one student form the guitar class and three chorus students. We are in Chicago. I am enjoying it. I am weirdly energized by the city. We are on our third day of boarding a bus at 9 Am in getting to our hotel around 10:30 PM. I guess my first success is that I said "yes" to assisting with this trip.

Secondly, I have submitted my resignation at my 6 week old contract job and will be taking a different one. The work on the first is not my favorite and the second one pays better and involves planning and executing.

I am keeping up with the Novena of Divine Mercy thanks to Pray More Novenas. Maybe because I feel this week I have the time to pray the entire Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I will be doing today's on the bus this morning.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Small Success Thursday (a day late) March 26

Wow, Fresh new logo. I like it.

I am a day late with my Small success.

My vocation of wife and Mom has always had an income-earning component. The first decade and a half of our marriage, I earned the bigger portion of the income. Then Hubby went back to school and since has been a rising star.  Since Fall of 2011, I have been playing the contractor game. (I work in IT).

All this to say that I started a new contract at the beginning of the month and it is kicking my rear-end. It is a hard push project and I am not liking it much. But I trudge on. Maybe next week i will have different news.

One morning I was deeply frustrated and lashed out at my husband when we were talking about dinner options. He called me on it and I was able to vocalize the things that were causing my stress. Besides an undesirable environment on the job, I am driving far and not able to pick my son up from school like I had been. I actually enjoyed being able to do those Mom-duties on my last assignment.

 My son got his driving learner's permit. We've been out driving almost every day. It is coll watching his confidence grow. But as I said with my older son, I never imagined I'd be the more patient parent in teaching my boys to drive.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Spring?

Hello everyone,
How's your week been? We have sping eather here in SW Ohio. The snow has melted. It sure does lift my spirits.

So last night Hubby an I went for a walk. Without Jackets. LOL It felt good.

I started my new contract. While the manager started out with firm, high expectations, almost scaring us, it is going well. My desk is not much of a desk at all, but I will manage. I like the two guys I am working closely with.

I am surviving my commute to work. I go south about 13 miles to drop my 15YO off at school and then North for 35 miles to the office. It takes about an hour. Hubby has been picking him up after band practice.

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Small Success Thursday -

Happy Thursday.
Good news, I start on a new contract/project on Monday. I am going back to the company I was with until last June. Drawbacks is that the pay rate is lower and it is in the opposite direction of DS's school. But it is work at a place where I have some friends. The nature of the work will be a combination of Project management and technical (upgrading servers). I will be driving 50 miles each morning as I take DS to school and then turn around and go to work. But it will only be for about 2 months.

Meanwhile, my grandson was under the weather and his babysitter's daughter has been sick, so Grandma is taking him for the week. At 15 months and very agile, he was a whirling dervish. He needs constant supervision. I had such plans to clean, organize and sew. Ha! forget that, unless re-organizing means putting the plastic wear or cans he pulled out of the cabinets he has access to. LOL! But I remember having young children who were unable to go to daycare or sitters and yet Hubby and I both needed to go to work. I have the opportunity to help out, so I am pushing the frustration out of my mind. He was certainly feeling much better yesterday than Mon or Tues.

I did remember to go to the BMV and get the booklet for my 15 YO to study to take his written exam in a few weeks. Hopefully this job will give us the $$ to buy an appropriate vehicle for him to drive himself to and from school when he turns 16 in September.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Small success Thursday - post vacation edition

Hello everyone,
Had a lovely 3 day stay in the Bahamas. Had some flight challenges and we arrived home just before 2 AM so I am feeling a vacation hangover. I need to be working today and tomorrow as they are my last days on this contract. I got a message yesterday from my current consulting/contracting agency that there is an opportunity for 5-months with a company I worked with before. The work is my technical than I really like to do but the pay rate is 83% of what I am currently at. 83% pay is better than 0% pay and they said it would be temporary until something else came along more in my skill set. But I have checked in with another recruiter who seems to be no longer at that company. I have left messages with the people her phone and email are forwarded to.

We have almost 2 weeks of laundry piled up. Our new washer is scheduled to be delivered this afternoon. It is lovely to have to buy a new washing machine when the second income is in question.

So for my successes:

  • hubby and I actually took time for a vacation. Something we both desperately needed.  We went with another couple. Hubby has dealt with him in business matters and his wife and I got along very well. Hubby becomes a lump when it is just he and I.
  • My Daughter in law, who took on the task for driving the 15 year-old everywhere said she knows why I cannot wait until he gets his license. She also said he was a great help and on his very best behavior. 
  • I am working my job contacts, trying really hard not to panic.Financially, we will survive. All hope is not lost and if I do not have work for a week or so, I have plenty of projects to work on around the house.   
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Snow edition

Hello everyone,

Here in SW Ohio we started winter with some snow in Late November, then it had been pretty mild until this week. School has been called off and I don't expect him to go tomorrow due to dangerous wind chills.

  1. I got our taxes complete and sent off. In spite of this being the first year without my oldest as my deduction, we still got a bit of a refund. Hubby asked if we put it towards new windows on our second floor. Unfortunately, We paid to fix our oldest son's car and signed the younger up for summer PE and Health to help squeeze band into his schedule and the youngest needed some new items of clothing. God gives us just enough. 
  2. So in the last week I have been talking to people here at the office - I should say "Networking". This office has mostly contractors and so my resume has been sent off to most. I talked to a recruiter yesterday and then my current company contact me with a possible opportunity.
  3.  Gearing up for a mini-vacation with Hubby. We have both been under a lot of stress around our jobs. We need this. 
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Not feeling very successful...

Hi Folks,
I feel rather unaccomplished, so I need this reminder.

1. I got my son to school, home from school, to Bass lesson and to his training sessions this week all on time and intact.

2. The family has had plenty of food to eat and clean clothes to wear.

3. I have had quite a few people ask for my resume or give me some leads to follow.  And while things will be tight without my income, our needs will be met with the roof over our heads, food on the table and gas in the cars with Hubby's income.

And in spite of wanting to, I have not resorted to shoving chocolate cake in my face. But my 13 Month old grandson did when Dad was not looking:

  It makes me laugh. His Mamma is not so sure about his habits of climbing and making messes.

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