Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Labor day Weekend

Hello Folks,

It is that time of the week to chronicle the little thing we accomplish each week as Spouses, parents, homekeepers, etc. Those things that tend to get overlooked.

So mine start with writing this post. I love this meme, but Thursday's are hard as I go to work in the office and time and firewall prevent me from easily adding this to the Link-up. But I will do it on my phone.

I did more work on a quilt as a wedding gift. I am usually beat in the evenings, but I got myself out of my chair and spent about an hours cutting fabric. I need to finish it up this month.

Finally, all the things I am doing for my kids with a mostly positive attitude. Lending the oldest my car until he gets his bent tire rim fixed, taking my second son to school and picking him up on my "Lunch hour" at a time convenient for him. Taking my son to auditions for a "Youth Winds Ensemble" at the local University - He was selected Yea! (more fees), the road trip this weekend to the city where son's competition Marching core is in their final contest. IF they do not make finals, we will being him home in time to play with the High school band at a football game Sunday afternoon.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Summer winding down

This week my son has been moaning that his freedom is waning. This week regular evening band practices have been occurring. He has a 1/2 day of school on Monday where they will take picture and have class meetings. Sophomores and Juniors go Monday, Freshman and Seniors on Tuesday. So then band is at 1 PM on Tuesday. Sigh. Hard for this Mom to get him there.

I am struggling to enumerate my small successes. It has been just life around here. We have not resorted to eating out (not counting my lunch on Tuesday).

Last night I helped get a splinter out of my Grandson's foot. We were on the deck and the poor boy was screaming so hard. Hubby arrived home form the airport, heard the screaming, left his suitcase on the driveway and came around the house just in time to comfort the boy once we got the splinter out.

That is about all I have got.
Everyone have a great week.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Small Success Thursday - On my own

Hello everyone,
It is Thursday again. I love participating in the Meme, it makes me think about the things I do in my sometimes- frenzied life of a wife, Mom and outside-the-home worker. But it has been a bit hard since work often gets in the way.

On Tuesday I dropped my son off at the High school where he boarded a bus for Band camp. The Hubby left from work for a few days. He will be home tonight after his golf league. So being home alone, I got a lot accomplished.

Before he left I told my son that I was going to clean his room and if there was anything he did not want me going through it has to be put away. He said he did not care. Ok. among the clothes strewn around I found 6 reusable water bottles, 4 umbrellas, 3 reusable ice packs, 2 packages of snack foods (Closed with clips). I discovered he does not need any more ties, He is set for clothing that meets the school's uniform code.

I played plumber  and cleared a clog (And the teen will hear about it).

Last night I got started on a new quilt that will be a Wedding present for Hubby's best freind form High School.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh yes, Thursday - Small Successes

Hello everyone,

My workdays are still swamped. I got out of the scheduling business but another task came up to claim my time. Fortunately, I am still enjoying it.

I am not sure what my success are. Hanging in there? Getting my 15 YO daily to and from the camp he is working. I got him to prepare dinner last night.

Right now it is about survival, one day at a time. I live close enough to Cincinnati to enjoy some of the All star game, but we did not and that makes me sad. But it just was not meant to be.

Oh yes, and my son, daughter in law and grandson had to move out of their apartment due to bug infestation. I they have been advised to get rid of all of their furniture. Poor kids.

But hey, I am only slightly stressed out, I am enjoying my job. I am planning on buying a bed for the grandson. I have a dresser for them also. We are all healthy.

And so the summer of survival goes.  

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Small Success Thursday - I've got quilts

Hello everyone,
It's Thursday, when followers of take a few minute to reflect on the little things we accomplished over the last week.

On Tuesday we laid my cousin to rest. She had been fighting a rare condition where her digestive system just stopped working. After almost a year on the transplant list organs became available. The surgery went well, she was conscious, harassing her Dad and then all of a sudden things were not good. Before she signed papers stating she would never drink alcohol again, she invited friends and family to party with her at a local bar. She was 36. I had made a quilt to send up to her when she got her transplant. It never made it to her, but I understand my Aunt and Uncle are treasuring it. They had is displayed at the funeral home. At the funeral Mass, almost of her cousins and their families participated in the Offertory. There could have been almost 20 more who were unable to attend. All but 2 of her 27 cousins from our side of the family attending her viewing. Three came in from out of town, Such a wonderful tribute to a person who loved her family. She will be missed.She was a big comic book fan. Thus the quilt I made.
Speaking of quilts, I finished one for my 18 mo old Grandson who decided he preferred the twin bed in his room to the toddler bed. I finished it last night and am looking forward to giving it to him. It is 2-sided, Little boy and big boy.

I hope my third success is getting this post into the linkup with CatholicMom

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Summer school comes to an end

Here's hoping I can find the time to join the linky at Catholic Mom today.

My 15Yo finished his Freshman year on a Friday and started summer school the following Monday. He took Gym and Health so he can take band, a language and a second math. But transportation has been mostly on me. At least getting him to there and home. For the past 2 weeks gym has been at a different place around town and he needed picked up, gotten lunch and back to the high school for health class. We did get him a ride 2 days in exchange for buying the driver's lunch and my parents came down on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Having them move back to town has been such a blessing to me. I am grateful their health is still good and they are active. So my first success is that I survives and it doesn't seem to have affected my job.

Dinner has been put on the table at and from home the last 6 or 7 days. Hubby even planned and cooked 2 of those meals.

I have been sleeping better. I have no idea what was keeping me up prior to last week, but it seems to be conquered. Last night I stayed awake until almost 10 so I did not wake (for good) before the alarm.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Summer School edition

We are almost through week 2 of the 3 week summer school session. Morning gym class is a various places around town, then my son needs to be picked up, lunch gotten and transported to the High school for Health class. Monday was a change in plans and I missed the email. Sigh. But we have been getting it done. I was really worried about Monday since it is on the other side of town. My son finally decides he figured out a classmate who drives and is in both classes and another classmate/bandmate who lives nearby that he might catch a ride to.

Meanwhile, at work, I have been busy. I am the master scheduler for the migration of email accounts. Talk about data overload. And teleconference after teleconference. So I have not been up to doing much when I sign up for the day.

So my successes,

  1. Monday night I teed up Tuesday night's dinner. Since I work from the office Tuesdays (and Thursdays), I can rely on Hubby and son to get dinner on the table if they don't have to do too much heavy lifting. I had sloppy joes made up. a salad prepared.  
  2. Made a batch of home baked cookies for the band picnic last night (no cooking dinner)
  3. Mostly keeping my cool with bad directions to some gym class destinations and DS's driving. He's more confident behind the wheel but that is causing him to be a little less careful with things liek Right turns on red. Thank goodness for our Guardian Angels. 
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