Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Sept 14

Hello everyone,
Time to join up with Catholic Mom to reflect on the small things we have been successful at this week.

The last few weeks have been really hard. Hubby has been on stress overload with ork and it has bubbled over. For a while it seems like everything I was doing was the last straw. ( I think I have been on his side before.) So I really tried to back off. I unscheduled myself working on the band truck crew as even on better days I try to help and end up doing something exactly the opposite of what he was planning. Me and my strong personality tend to take over.

But slowly it is getting better. He has gotten into playing Disk or Frisbee golf. We went the other night after supper and then we practiced throwing in the back yard Wed evening.

This weekend, the high school football game was postponed due to a bomb threat. The band was not there, but we were there with the equipment truck. About 50 minutes before game time, they called it off and quickly evacuated the stadium and tailgating areas. As we circled the campus we saw a lot of emergency vehicles gathered behind a building. I think the officials of the school and the community did a mince job handling the situation. The game was played Sunday afternoon. Instead of the whole band, only the drumline went. As parents of a percussionist as well as truck crew, we were there.

TheTeen was supposed to have his audition for the ensemble at the University. He called the director to reschedule and was told to show up early This Sunday afternoon for the audition and to plan to stay for rehearsal. So they reserved a spot for him. I think this was his saving grace with the academic trouble he had last year. So far for this year, he is starting out strong. He likes ll of his teacher and is no longer angry that we pulled him out of AP English. He ONLY has 3 AP classes.

Linking up with Catholic Mom. Join us, won't you?