Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, August 25, 2008

Smells like Teen Spirit

Ah, yeah. So Thursday the 13 Yo had Golf practice from 2-4:30. Meet the teacher night 4:15 - 5:45 and Football at 5:30. Meet the teacher became a victim. Fortunately, there are no new Junior High teachers this year.

I took off half a day form work to make this happen. I pick him up after Golf and he raised his arms. Oh my, Big boy stink. I knew after football was going ot be bad. I toyed with picking him up a new shirt and a stick of deodarant, but did not follow through.

So I quizzed him (while the AC was blasting to keep the air moving).
M: Did you use deodorant?
B:You mean before golf? no.
M: Did you put some on when you got dressed this morning?
b: No
M: (quite exasperated) Did you at least put some pn after you took a shower last night?
B: No

So how do you convince a boy that deodarant needs to be a crucial part of him morning routine?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Football update

Last night I heard that the Defensive line got soame focused attention. A coach who has had conflicts lately was back. He organized the defense so that there was an orderly substitution of players and they all got equal time. Previously these 7th and 8th graders were left to their own initiative to sub in and out. This coach also got them fied up by offering Double cheeseburgers to anyone who sacked the QB. Hubby said these little guys were getting through and the offensive line took notice and stepped up their game. He said our 13 Yo got knocked down hard.

However, the 13 Yo came home pumped up. So that is good.

I am still miffed that he is doing 2 sports in one season. It stresses me out thinking about it. He'd better keep up with his homework. That will be a challenge.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today was the season "Preview". They played for 20 minutes, rested for 20 minutes an dplayed another 20 Minutes. My 13 YO got in for three plays. Hubby got it on Video and I took stills. It was the second play before I set the camera to sports mode and just held the shutter button down.

We've been playingwith his meds. My Dad said he thought the meds made the 13 YO sluggish. This was his observation when the 13 Yo spent a week with his Grandparents. My ADHD brother commented that he did not get into sports until HS when he stopped taking meds. Last Wednesday I had him remove his Daytrana patch at 4 PM. So by 6 Pm he was ready to be aggressive. He did not removed it Thursday and he decided he could tell a difference. Saturday morings practice he attended unmedicated. When I got here he was walking in circles and looking up in the sky. He also took a bathroom break shortly after I got there.

This moring I decided to cut a third of the patch off before applying it. My 13 YO was mouthy (more so than usual) but he was tolerable. We'll see if he has any difficulties getting to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Helping a 13 YO ADHD-er find motivation

So Am I a bad Mom because I decided to use a modified format of a performance Improvement plan with my 13 YO?

Background: Football – Hubby observed him last night in warm up drills, getting out of line and working his way back to the end of the line to avoid hitting drills. Then, in the end of session sprints, He’s the first off the line, but the last one to finish and his body language is saying he is exhausted. (Hands on head, breathing deep) But we watched him spend the past 20 minutes standing watching the plays being run. No reason for the exhaustion. He’s not a whipped puppy when he gets into the car.

Last week we had a discussion about how his lack of effort is frustrating us and making us feel like we are wasting our time, coaches times, etc. Coaches are not going to spend the time with a kid who’s not willing to expend a lot of effort. I’m not willing to give up my free time driving him the 24 miles round trip to practice.

Part of what I sent him:

Here’s what we are asking for:
1. Give the drills your all. Stay in line, hit hard.
2. Dig deep for the energy to run. Start really conditioning yourself. Don’t just think about it.
3. Stop hanging around the end of the line in drills.

The other kids who are beating you in the sprints have been in on a lot more plays. You are more rested than they are.

If we don’t see this in the next week, we will no longer drive you to practice. If we are going to take the time to leave work early and utilize our free time, then you need to show us you appreciate it and really want to play football.

Your actions are telling me “I don’t really want to play football, I just want to be able to say I am part of the team.” That’s not good enough for me.

Think long and hard.
What are your goals?
What are you willing to do to achieve those goals?

We will put as much effort into helping you achieve your goals as you do. Right now with football, we are putting in more effort than you are.

Love, Mom.

Aaagh! I don't know if this will work. But he often says he does not know what the expectations are. So I put them in writing.

Update: We are going to have him tkae off his patch at 4:00 so his Meds wear off by the time Football practice begins. Let's see if that has any effect

Monday, August 11, 2008


-        Heavy sighs

-        Huffing and puffing

-        Smart alec comments

All good indicators that I have a teen ager in my house. 

He’s really enjoying football. Thursday they had a scrimmage. He was on Defense B. He lined up across form the center. (I was later informed that this is the nose guard. My cousin played center, so I know the real name and no longer call it “the guy who hikes the ball.”). But he’s one of the smallest guys in on the team. This Mom got a bit worried. He also got in on a few plays at Split end.  He stayed late at Saturday’s practice for extra receiver practice.

Then yesterday he and Dad went and played Golf. They got pair up with two other guys who told B he should stick with Golf, that he has a great drive.

Thursday he has a pool party with his classmates Noon until 4 PM. Then golf practice at the driving range 4-6 and Football practice 6-8.


Monday, August 04, 2008