Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh yes, Thursday - Small Successes

Hello everyone,

My workdays are still swamped. I got out of the scheduling business but another task came up to claim my time. Fortunately, I am still enjoying it.

I am not sure what my success are. Hanging in there? Getting my 15 YO daily to and from the camp he is working. I got him to prepare dinner last night.

Right now it is about survival, one day at a time. I live close enough to Cincinnati to enjoy some of the All star game, but we did not and that makes me sad. But it just was not meant to be.

Oh yes, and my son, daughter in law and grandson had to move out of their apartment due to bug infestation. I they have been advised to get rid of all of their furniture. Poor kids.

But hey, I am only slightly stressed out, I am enjoying my job. I am planning on buying a bed for the grandson. I have a dresser for them also. We are all healthy.

And so the summer of survival goes.  

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Small Success Thursday - I've got quilts

Hello everyone,
It's Thursday, when followers of take a few minute to reflect on the little things we accomplished over the last week.

On Tuesday we laid my cousin to rest. She had been fighting a rare condition where her digestive system just stopped working. After almost a year on the transplant list organs became available. The surgery went well, she was conscious, harassing her Dad and then all of a sudden things were not good. Before she signed papers stating she would never drink alcohol again, she invited friends and family to party with her at a local bar. She was 36. I had made a quilt to send up to her when she got her transplant. It never made it to her, but I understand my Aunt and Uncle are treasuring it. They had is displayed at the funeral home. At the funeral Mass, almost of her cousins and their families participated in the Offertory. There could have been almost 20 more who were unable to attend. All but 2 of her 27 cousins from our side of the family attending her viewing. Three came in from out of town, Such a wonderful tribute to a person who loved her family. She will be missed.She was a big comic book fan. Thus the quilt I made.
Speaking of quilts, I finished one for my 18 mo old Grandson who decided he preferred the twin bed in his room to the toddler bed. I finished it last night and am looking forward to giving it to him. It is 2-sided, Little boy and big boy.

I hope my third success is getting this post into the linkup with CatholicMom