Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Small Successes - Jan 30

Hello everyone,

This week is a bit sad for me as I don't currently have a kid in Catholic schools for the first time since 2001. But that will change next year when my younger son moves on to the Catholic high school. Even though his public Junior High is a wonderful place, I am ready for him to go back to being immersed in Catholic values throughout his entire school day. (Gory details of how I yanked him from the Catholic school in 2010 can be found here.)

But anyways, My successes for this week:

- Went with Hubby to the gym twice, Sunday and Tuesday. We will go again tonight. Although my foot\Ankle hurts, I will go and ride the bike or use the rowing machine.

- I have all my paperwork together to do our taxes. I plan to install my software later today and get started.

- Got the scrapbook for My Grandson started. I orders prints form his Baptism, but all the pcitures take his first 2 weeks are nicely scrapbooked.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Small Successes - Passing on the Faith Edition

1. This isn't so small, but we were passing on the faith to our children.
Saturday my grandson was baptized at the request of his young parents. They want to bring him up in the faith. Then Sunday my youngest son was Confirmed.

2. I made 2 Cross-shaped cakes for the events. And the first try stuck in the poorly-prepared pan. I did not freak out.

3. Had a made-ahead dinner ready for after the Confirmation and it was proclaimed delicious. I don;t think I hit full panic made at all.

(And I did not think I had much. Forgot the weekend is included.)

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Successes - Jan 16

1. Survived three meetings in 3 evenings at the High school where I don't currently have a son enrolled.

2. Asked for a received permission to work from home on Thursdays so I can get my 8th grader to the high school to practice with the high school Jazz band.

3. Got the registration and enrollment forms completed so Hubby can be at the High school for registration day tomorrow and make the tuition deposit.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Five

 My grandson, born Tues, Jan 7. See this post for more of the story. But here are 5 of my favorite pictures of him.
Dad and Son
Looking at Grandma (Me)
Just like Daddy
With his Uncle/Godfather
After his first bath

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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Small Sucesses - Grandma edition

Hello everyone,

So I became a Grandma this week. You can read about it in this post.

-Getting along with very excited family members who were not always thinking.. For exampy, the other Grandma, in her excitement put up a Facebook post tagging me about going to the hospital. I (nicely, I hope) asked her to untag me since her tag makes the news show up to my friends in the feed. She did apologetically.

- I got frustrated that Great Aunts were trying to hold the baby before all the Grandmas and Grandpas did. (Oh the little things)

- I did get to spend a about an hour and a half just me and the new little family. I worked hard to be supportive of every decision and to gently guide them away from the idea that they need to get pre-made formula bottles for babysitters...

-and woo-hoo, he will be Baptized in a week and a half. His uncle will be confirmed that weekend, so the baby's great-grandparents will be in town.

Scroll down to the previous 2 posts for pictures.

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Another Grandson picture...

He was 20.5 Inches long, 8 lb 14 OZ.
His Baptism is schedule for Jan 18. Yes, a whole 11 Days old, but his Uncle is being Confirmed on the 19th and My parents will be in town. We will have a very Holy Weekend.

This was sent to us last night as a text.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Just call me Grandma....

Today was a big day, my first Grandchild came in to the world, a health baby boy.  While I am thrilled with this little boy, there is still the feeling that he came in to the world way too early. you see his parents are only 18 and graduated from High School last spring. I have to fight the feeling that I did something wrong as a Mom, but then again I take comfort in a few facts:

My Son and his Girlfriend have been seeing each other for over three years.
They decided to give this unexpected baby life
They are staying together and planning a Summer 2015 Wedding.

So as parents whoa re pro-life, we are working to find a balance between helping out the kids and helping them to develop their independence.

Dad and Baby:

 Grandpa and Baby:
 Me and Baby:

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Small Successes - Jan 2, 2013

So I really have not had a huge break. As a Contractor, I do not have vacation time and we do not visit out of town relatives, I have been going into the office and working on business days. We have snow this morning and my son's school was cancelled. So he gets another day of playing XBOX without Mom or Dad nagging him.

So my small successes:
1. yesterday I took down the live Christmas tree and swept and vacuumed up the fallen needles. The Faux tree is still up until after the Epiphany.
2. I have been conservative about my after-Christmas shopping. I don't really NEED new clothing. At my current job, anything that can be called "business casual" to just short of beach attire goes.
3. I did, however, get a new shelf for my hanging shelving until in the basement. Amazing how much better organized the storage corner of the basement looks with more stuff off of the floor.

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