Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small Success Thursday

We've had a mild summer until now. Everyone is back in school and the hot, humid, muggy air comes in.

1. Had a very grumpy teenager yesterday. School had a late start yesterday due to a teacher meeting, but My work did not have a late start. Intellectually he understood that and blamed his anger on "Murphy's law". This quick-tempered Momma managed to keep her cool and her voice down instead of yelling.

2. Same teenager was allegedly the last one to access the freezer in the garage for a frozen breakfast sandwich. I came home Tuesday to a big puddle of water on the garage floor and defrosted items int eh freezer. I simply sighed and gave Thanks that I did not do a big stock up on the Costco run as I threw out Waffles, Breakfast sandwiches, homemade broth, Flank steak, Chicken, pulled pork...

3. Finally got Ponchos ordered for the Band. I have been looking at them. We have insulated raincoats that are good for 30-50 degrees, but in Aug and Early Sept, they are took heavy. Of course, the Team has won that State championships the last 2 years and the Late November and December games have been very cold.  I just felt like I was making decisions in a vacuum, but finally did it.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Back to school

My son started back to school this week. On crutches due to his torn ACL. He reluctantly allowed me to take a picture today, dressed in his Mass Day best.
I finally made an appointment to see my Primary Care Physician. Need refills on the meds. I need to get better about taking my prescribed meds. I get my morning does in 5 or so days a week, but usually for get my evening does. I need to work on that.

We have been eating at home. I have been very creative with what we have in the house. I did not make my beginning-of-the-month Costco run because I had cookies for the Wedding reception in my freezer. But we have been eating at home.

Hubby replaced our garage door opener yesterday. A Thunder-storm-induced power pop was the final blow. It only wanted to run in one direction. The lights on it stopped working in 2011 when we had a lightening strike that caused our chimney to explode and required roof repairs and replacement of a computer, tv and other items. I am just thankful we have never had a fire. I was surprised to learn that my township has an above average number of lightening strikes.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Son's Wedding

Pictures from my Son's Wedding:

My new Daughter-in-law and son

The Baby boy is the son of the Bride and Groom. 
Parents of the Groom

 It was a very lovely Wedding.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Small Success Thursday - I've almost made it through!

So i wrote a post last week for SST but did not realize we were on a hiatus. So you can read it here if you'd like.

But the last few weeks have been jam-packed, most planned, but an unplanned event with far-reaching repercussions.

  • With the rest of everything, Hubby has had to take out of town trips at least 3 of the last 4 weeks. One was to India the same week 3 planes went down needlessly. 
  • My 14 YO spent all of July training with the high school soccer team. The first day of tryouts he hurt his knee, tearing his ACL. That resulted in surgery 2 days ago. So now he is in an immobilizing brace and on crutches and he took up residence on the recliner in the family room. Pleas offer up prayers that his Freshman orientation today and tomorrow are not too taxing for him. 
  • My 19 YO son got Married last Sunday (Civil ceremony, getting it recognized by the Church is a task on the "someday" list - Baby steps). There was everything that went along with it, including the 7 month old Grandson spending 3 days and nights at our house. 
  • My parents have been staying with us since July 31. Their help has been invaluable. They were the primary caretakers for the baby and they have helped greatly withe the 14YO. I gritted my teeth the 3 days that the 14YO as away at band camp and Hubby was out of town and I was all my Mom had to worry about. LOL! 
  • Oh yes, an I worked a full time job. As a contractor I don't; have paid vacation, I took off a total of 8 hours this week.  
So we have one more wedding event Saturday. We are throwing a reception for extended family members. I have a close family (3 generations of cousins) that we were not able to invite to the wedding. Then next Week the 14 yo starts back to school. 

and my 19 YO is signed up for College English. He will have a class at the same time as his wife, so she can make sure he gets to class. The she will have a class afterwards and told the 19 YO he will be doing his homework then. We will have the baby at least one of those 2 nights a week. 

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Small Success Thursday Aug 7 Edition

This past week has been more crazy/busy than usual. My Son's Wedding is this weekend. My parents are in town for the festivities, Hubby's traveling, The 14 YO was trying out for the High school soccer team last Friday and tore his ACL. Then I shipped him off to Band camp with a bum kee. (Doctor approve, kid was ecstatic to go) So far I am holding it together, but there has been a benign event or two that has come close to reducing me to tears

I finished painting and decorating our old wagon as a means for my Grandson to ride up the aisle at his Parent's wedding,

Garter is in progress. Thanks to a product I found at JoAnn's I call garter on a role, I just have to sew the ends together and sew on a blue rhinestone button button.

I drove the  Band's extended van towing the 25 ft equipment trailer. I got lost and had an intimate encounter with a pole on a corner, taking out a tire, but the equipment got there, I called AAA to come out and change the tire, Hubby said the tires are in need of replacing anyways. Why was I driving, because Hubby was out of town and as of yet, no other Dad's have stepped up as willing to drive the thing.. This afternoon I get to go and bring it back. Say a prayer for me please.

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