Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Small Success Thursday - 4 hours a week found

Welcome to my Small Success Thursday post. A time to stop and reflect on the little things we overlook in our roles as homemakers and caretakers.

My son passed is driver's test and is now a licensed driver. I am inordinately excited. Parents who have not been through this are shocked at my excitement. But 1) This is my second son 2) Our school district cut busing for high schoolers about 5 years ago and even if he attended the local public school, it is not walk-able/bike-able from my home. His parochial school is about a 25 minute drive. My current work schedule has me working form home MWF, going to my consulting company office on Tuesday when the school is not really out of my way and Th I go to the client office in the opposite direction of school. So MW is 4 round trips and Thursday is 5. Hubby can pick him up from band practice on Thursdays take him on Fridays,  So at a minimum that is 4 hours a week that have been freed up. I am very excited about that. I am hoping I will put this time to good use and exercise during my newly-found free time.

Have a great day,

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Small Success Thursday - This and that edition

Happy Thursday afternoon everybody,

I got sent home from the office due to Network issues. Glad I am not a part of that support team.

But Happy Thursday again.

We are still plodding along. It is t-7 days until I might be able to hand up my Chauffeur's hat. My son has an appointment at the BMV next Wednesday. My husband is heading overseas for the next week. I'd appreciate a prayer for a safe return home for him.

I guess my successes are keeping on the path. We've been cooking from home. I spent $27 on an at home steak dinner for Hubby (He is heading to India). I had thought about taking him out, but the meal for the three of us would have only fed one of us at a restaurant.

Last weekend I had my younger son drive downtown. The Older son said he wished he had done that. He came out of music hall once time and got turned around. So we parked there, walked a few blocks over to an up-and-coming neighborhood, had lunch at a fun restaurant. He loved it. He is my foodie. I need to show him other ways to get to the University as he will go every Sunday evening for his Outside band practice.

We had our married son and his family over for lunch Sunday and ate on the deck.

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Have a great week. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Holiday edition

Happy Thursday everyone,

The past week seems to have been all about our kids and the things we do for them.

Our older son Bent the rim of one of the tires on his car and it took almost 2 weeks for it to get fixed. So he has had one of our cars since Aug 30. I came home form work and his car was no longer parked in front of the house and our mini van was left.

The younger participated in a marching band competition over the Holiday weekend. The High School band performed at a the football game Sunday afternoon. (Televised on ESPN). So early Saturday morning Hubby and I drove almost 500 miles in case they did not make finals so we could bring him back for the game. Well, they made finals, he stayed, we spent the night (Hubby got the hotel stay on his points), got up early and drove back home to still go to the football game with the band to be a part of the truck crew moving equipment. On our way, we through Buffalo New and made the side trip to Niagara Falls where we spent an hour hiking around and viewing the Falls from the top.

So I am ready for a quiet weekend. I hope to make a lot of progress on the wedding quilt. I have half of the squares complete. Hubby is playing golf and I want my son to drive in the city.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Labor day Weekend

Hello Folks,

It is that time of the week to chronicle the little thing we accomplish each week as Spouses, parents, homekeepers, etc. Those things that tend to get overlooked.

So mine start with writing this post. I love this meme, but Thursday's are hard as I go to work in the office and time and firewall prevent me from easily adding this to the Link-up. But I will do it on my phone.

I did more work on a quilt as a wedding gift. I am usually beat in the evenings, but I got myself out of my chair and spent about an hours cutting fabric. I need to finish it up this month.

Finally, all the things I am doing for my kids with a mostly positive attitude. Lending the oldest my car until he gets his bent tire rim fixed, taking my second son to school and picking him up on my "Lunch hour" at a time convenient for him. Taking my son to auditions for a "Youth Winds Ensemble" at the local University - He was selected Yea! (more fees), the road trip this weekend to the city where son's competition Marching core is in their final contest. IF they do not make finals, we will being him home in time to play with the High school band at a football game Sunday afternoon.

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