Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm here - New Lawn Mower

Hi all three of my readers... LOL! I feel like that's conceited of me.

I have a post in the back of my mind about the new riding lawn mower we got this week, but I have not taken a picture. It is kind of blowing my mind that Hubby and the boys are sooo excited by it. When I was in Third grade, we moved to this house that was on about 3/4 of an acre. The yard was naturally divided up into 4 sections: The front, the back, the back-back and the pool. The back yard was divided by a set of hedges that had a large opening leading to the large in-ground pool. But there was a whole othr yard behind and around the pool.

We usually had 2 working riding lawn mowers. It seemed like we were cutting grass all the time. Hubby loves to cut his grass. I was only allowed to cut the front when he physically could not walk. He has always had a small lawn and could make it look "perfect". I'd mow one way and then turn and mow a different way when I got bored. The last of pretty rows drove him nuts.

So the new riding lawn mower arrived Thursday evening. He stayed home for the 13 YO's baseball game to mow because the grass was rather high. Last night he was golfing. I looked out my kitchen wndows and noticed that there were rows in the gras, side-by-side. I was expecting a circle. He did make a comment that he did not cut it in the most efficient manner. The 13 YO and I had a good laugh imagining him cutting perfect rows with the tractor.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

They know...

Eithr my appliances are sentient or Mr. Murphy of Muprhy's law fame is paying us a visit. My Oven is on the fritz. Mr. Heating and Air (and thus expert in gas pilot lights and all, took it apart and diagnosed a worn out ingnighter coil. And of course, it's not anything the local Sears harware and Appliance store stocks. While he was looking for the part he looked at new Gas ranges. We had a discussion before he left of repair or replace. I said repair and he wanted to know if I was sure. It would sure be nice to have a 5-burner model with a griddle.

When he left he was thankful. Turns out new ranges with the features we'd like to have start at 50 -100% more than what he though they did. So the ignighter coil is being replaced.

So why Murphy's law? DS8 Makes his First Communion at Saturday night Mass. We are having a party with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and GodParents. Fortunately I think I can make everthing I planned on the stovetop...except the cake. I guess I'll be ordering one from the bakery.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Old Hat

So Yesterday I attended my 13 YO ADHD-er's IEP meeting for next school year. This was the first one I have experienced this school year. I got to finally meet, in person, the school psychologist who has been working with the 8 YO on his social skills. From the feedback provided by the Jr. High teachers, the 13 Yo is also struggling socially. But anyways, it was interesting. They decided that "yes, he still qualifies for services". There has not been a big imrpovement in his organizational skills and I think he's regressed a bit since last year. I suppose that's not a huge surprise considering he changed schools.

I talked about our busy schedule and how every October we see a deterioration in behavior form him and we have concluded that it coinsides with the time between sprts. There has typically been a 5 to 6 week gas between sports at the time of the year. Also, the days are getting shorter and it's harder to give him enough exercise to burn off some excess energy. I think the group found it interesting to hear me say that.

I have to say that I disagree with the Math teacher's assessment that he is a B-C student. I think he's lazy. But then I did not see eye to eye with her in the Fall when she complained that he reads a book in Math class and then in the next breath tells us he's already had the material. Can somebody please turn on the lightbulb? However, when I talk to her last week about an incident, she was kind a reassuring that he just needed a little maturity. I appreciated that.

I had to giggle, the Social studies teacher found that he "was surprisingly prepared for class in spite of how unorganized he appears."

So what's a Mom to do? We have tried many methods of organizing and tracking of assignments. I feel like we have given him the tools now he needs to work with the tools. He's not willing to do that to a large degree yet. He has not found the motivation yet. I tried to provide inspiration by offering him money for grades. But that was not as successful as I hoped.

It took my brother until he was 25 to get his act together. Can I survive 12 more years? I guess my Mother survived.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

- So Org Junkie's Mr. Linky is huge, So I feel it might be pointless to post my link. However, Planning my meals is helpful.

Mon - Pork Chops, green beans, Buttered noodles
Tues -
Wed - I am going to make Mac and chees and brown some hamberger in it and make a casserole.
Thurs - Just me and DS8 - We'll dig for leftovers
Fri - Homemade Pizza
Sat - DS8's First Communion Party - Roast beef and or roasted Turkey Breast Sandwiches, Cheesey potatoes, raw veggie platter, fruit salad, deviled eggs, Layer salad.