Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Small Success Thursday - New job edition

Hello everone, 
I has been a few weeks since I participated. First it was a spring break trip to Chicago with the High school band, Then finishing up one job and starting another. If you have been following me, you may know that I am an IT Systems Administrator who has been doing Contract work for almost 4 years. I accepted a job that was not fun for me and the pay was low. So I was presented with an opportunity closer to my core skill set and it is going well. 

For my successes:
  1. Hubby and I agreed on and purchased tile for our Powder room remodel. 
  2. Decluttered and re-arranged my home office. I am working from there 3 days a week. 
  3. Been teaching the 15 Year old to drive without killing him. 
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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Spring Break edition

My first post with the pretty new logo.

I am on a spring break trip with 25 High school students. We have 17 band members, four Color Guard, one student form the guitar class and three chorus students. We are in Chicago. I am enjoying it. I am weirdly energized by the city. We are on our third day of boarding a bus at 9 Am in getting to our hotel around 10:30 PM. I guess my first success is that I said "yes" to assisting with this trip.

Secondly, I have submitted my resignation at my 6 week old contract job and will be taking a different one. The work on the first is not my favorite and the second one pays better and involves planning and executing.

I am keeping up with the Novena of Divine Mercy thanks to Pray More Novenas. Maybe because I feel this week I have the time to pray the entire Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I will be doing today's on the bus this morning.

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