Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Summer winding down

This week my son has been moaning that his freedom is waning. This week regular evening band practices have been occurring. He has a 1/2 day of school on Monday where they will take picture and have class meetings. Sophomores and Juniors go Monday, Freshman and Seniors on Tuesday. So then band is at 1 PM on Tuesday. Sigh. Hard for this Mom to get him there.

I am struggling to enumerate my small successes. It has been just life around here. We have not resorted to eating out (not counting my lunch on Tuesday).

Last night I helped get a splinter out of my Grandson's foot. We were on the deck and the poor boy was screaming so hard. Hubby arrived home form the airport, heard the screaming, left his suitcase on the driveway and came around the house just in time to comfort the boy once we got the splinter out.

That is about all I have got.
Everyone have a great week.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Small Success Thursday - On my own

Hello everyone,
It is Thursday again. I love participating in the Meme, it makes me think about the things I do in my sometimes- frenzied life of a wife, Mom and outside-the-home worker. But it has been a bit hard since work often gets in the way.

On Tuesday I dropped my son off at the High school where he boarded a bus for Band camp. The Hubby left from work for a few days. He will be home tonight after his golf league. So being home alone, I got a lot accomplished.

Before he left I told my son that I was going to clean his room and if there was anything he did not want me going through it has to be put away. He said he did not care. Ok. among the clothes strewn around I found 6 reusable water bottles, 4 umbrellas, 3 reusable ice packs, 2 packages of snack foods (Closed with clips). I discovered he does not need any more ties, He is set for clothing that meets the school's uniform code.

I played plumber  and cleared a clog (And the teen will hear about it).

Last night I got started on a new quilt that will be a Wedding present for Hubby's best freind form High School.

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