Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Thanksgiving edition

Hello everyone,

It is late afternoon, we've eaten or turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie and whatever else was put on the table. It was wonderful.

I am very happy that I have a job to go to on Monday. There are no Doctors or Physical therapy appointments to go to. Just band. And this will be the last week of babysitting my Grandson wile my son and Daughter-in-law attend class. (Her classes will be all in the day next semester.) Maybe I can hit the gym, or sew some planned Christmas gifts.

Last Saturday the Football team won their playoff game, so the play again This coming Saturday. S we will be moving band equipment. Yay! Praying for weather that is not too cold and not wet.

Sunday I was able to fix a big turkey dinner for my Husband, children, daughter-in-law, grandson along with my parents and mother-in-law. It was successful and fun for me.  

This evening hubby and I will sit down and discuss our Christmas plan and budget (yes, a little late for me).

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Small Success Thursday - 2 Month reprieve

Happy Thursday everyone,

I am counting my blessings today. Yesterday afternoon I got a message from my co-worker asking if I wanted to work until the end of January. One of the other guys is taking a long vacation, so I will be helping out. I have these potential opportunities pop up and then they all evaporated one by one. So I have been praying for a resolution for to my job situation that would be the best for my family. So here it is. This will give me an income over the holidays and into the beginning of the year when (hopefully) new projects will be launched and budgets allocated. I don't have to cancel Christmas.

Also no my doing, but feeling like a victory, my son is finished with formal Physical therapy. In spite of having decent health insurance, we had a hefty co-pay for each PT session. And he went twice a week, requiring Hubby or I to take off from work. This is one of the reasons I have not been able to squirrel away as much money as I wanted.

What really strikes me is how relatively calm I have been. When news came of another possibly opportunity fading away, I was able to acknowlege my disappointment and feel a moment of panic before deciding that God has my back and I need to move forward, still looking a job boards, putting in more applications but trusting that God would make something happen.

I prefer to be able to start my prayers with "Thank you for the wonderful blessings you give me."

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Small success Thursday - Nov. 13

Happy Thursday everyone,

So I got confirmation that my current contract job is ending at the end of the month. The folks I am working for did send my resume for an open position. Nice that they have confidence in me. My co-worker has given me a rave review on LinkedIn. I've been talking with 2 recruiters, so please say a prayer or two for me. I am feeling like I'd like to pull back a little bit but Hubby is not so much in favor of that. Mostly because I am definitly NOT a homebody and my current busy-ness looks like it is going to lessen in the next month as my 15 YO finished up Physical Therapy and  my daughter-in-law has scheduled all of her college classes during the day or online for the spring semester so I won't be rushing home 2 days a week to take care of my grandson while both his parents attend class. A few years ago I experimented with a work from home job and that did not go well. Plus, we'd like to be able to pay for college for both of our sons.

I have 2 Christmas presents. I ordered a new coat for Hubby and made him try it on to ensure it will fit over a suit coat, and I made something for my Niece.

I mailed packages for my twin nephews' birthday. They are in College and struggling with the cafeteria food. They are very much into healthy eating.

We scheduled one more Physical therapy session for the 15 YO.  Then he visits the Doctor and we anticipate that they will release him to a "bridge" program between formal therapy and 100% that will be half the out of pocket cost  if therapy and will be in the evenings.

Have a great week.

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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Time Change


Still adjusting to the time change. I like that it is a little light while driving to work. But I still want to crawl into bed about 8 PM.

Still no word on if my contract job is ending at the end of the month or not. The account manager was going to pitch me as a flexible resource who can work a few hours a week or up to 40. I figured I need about 60% of my current take home pay to cover our obligations. I have put it in God's hands to determine what is best for me and my family. But it is hard. I try to keep my eyes open for actions to take. This is pretty stressful, but I am mostly keeping my cool.

I asked for help. My parents wanted to visit some evening when I was taking care of my Grandson. The were going to drop off Hubby's birthday gift. Well, Hubby was going to be out of town Tuesday, The 15 year old needed to be picked up at school at 5:00 and the Grandson arrives at my house at 4:30. So I asked Mom and Dad to be here by 4:30. My Mom even brought dinner. They all had fun playing together.

My big success is that I finished a twin-sized quilt. While not thrilled with one of the fabrics, I like the quilt overall. It has a Comic book-theme. I work on it in fits and starts as I steal the time. I plan to give it to my cousin when she receives a multiple organ transplant. Her favorite super heroes can help her stay strong.

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