Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Small Success Thursday

Happy Thursday, the day of the week when we take time to reflect on the little things we do each week that we tend to forget about.

My city  was on the edge of last weekend's big snow storm. We got some flurries, Instead we spent a good part of Saturday with the 16YO and his fellow band members at the annual Solo and Ensemble contest. I think the freshman gorl percussionist was a bit overwhelmed when the six guys and their parents sat in on her session. LOL! It was fun even though I had a list of Things To Do.

I did finally get on my sewing machine. I am slowly working on a black and white quilt. My Flying geese blocks are now in pairs. My sewing machine is in the same space and the 16YO's XBOX. and we don;t work well together.

Lastly I had the grandson over last night while both of his parents were in class. He's tall enough to reach all of the light switches and takes advantage of it. We built and tore up the wooden train tracks, read some books and watched a little bit of TV. My son borrowed our vehicle since his is in the shop. He came home and said the oil light came on which is why the 16YO paid a visit to the Auto parts store and were adding 2 qts of oil at 9 PM last night. It will go in for an oil change this weekend.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Jan 21 edition

Thursdays are the days we are encouraged to acknowledge the little things we do to make our lives and those of our families run more smoothly.

I am watching the weather report. It is looking as if the snowstorm that is predicted to hit the east coast tomorrow is going to bring the Ohio Valley, where I live, a small smattering of snow. My 16YO is of mixed opinions on this. He has a big music contest Saturday that he has been working hard for that he'd hate to miss. But he got a snow day yesterday courtesy of a little snow that fell at the wrong time and snarled local traffic.

I am trying to get back into working out. I hit my mark M & W.  So I workout tomorrow and I have nailed my goal.

I made a batch of grape jelly on my day off Monday from a jar of juice. It looks to have gelled firmer than my last batch.

I am hoping to have lunch with 2 girlfriends today. It was mentioned a couple of weeks ago and then I did not hear anything. I sent a text to both and got a reply "I was supposed to send an email and did not, Sorry." I am not very good at that sort of communication. but I did it.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Back to ordinary

Hi everyone,

Well, first Thursday in weeks that I have had a normal Thursday, crazy as my normal Thursdays are. Last week I was still in Holiday mode as Hubby and i were lucky enough to sneak away for several days in the Caribbean. We had a great time and avoided sunburn.

I made dinner at home Tuesday, but last night to kitchen sink backed up as I was getting ready to cook. A few applications of industrial-strength Liquid Plummer did not get it flowing enough. So I ordered Chinese takeout. Just going with the flow here.

This evening, after remembering that Hubby and the 16YO would be away at dinner, I called my parents and visited them. Mom felt bad that she was not cooking. They planned to go out for pizza. fine by me. I had a very nice visit.

So That is my week of getting back to normal.

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