Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, April 21, 2008

Catching up

Hey, I'm still alive. Things are getting busy at work and at home. We got two major project at work to undertake at the same time.

Home is pretty busy too, but I don't feel as overwhelmed with baseball and soccer as I did with Wrestling. I think part of it is due to the fact that it is now sunny in the evenings. The soccer and baseball fields are also closer to home. Practices are a bit shorter too.

I now have a teenager in the house. But he's not doing to well on follwing through with his responsibilities. We are working on this.

This weekend I went out and found an outfit for the youer son's First Communion. I walked into Coldwater Creek and told a lady what I was looking for and she pulled lots of stuff for me to try on. It made a huge difference in my attitude. I think the money was well spent. I got a jacket, a Tank, a pair of pants and a no-iron blouse. I wore the blouse yesterday and at some point must have sat on a ball point pen. It looked like someone scribbled all over a portion of it. Thankfully rubbing alcohol took it out. I have a big bottle sitting in my laundry area.

So anyways, until next time