Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Live Blogging

Hi Everyone, It's almost 10 PM and I'm still up. We've got severe storms coming through the area. The sirens have stopped, but we are still camped out in the basement. Never fear, I am on the laptop and it;s bettery. My power and cable are obviously still up and running. They are talking about 2 inches of rain per hour.

The 8 YO s in the corner, asleep in his bean bag chair. the 13 yo, Hubby and I are glued to the TV reports. I did grab an shorts, shirts and socks for the boys nad I. Hubby has not changed into his PJ's yet. LOL. But it's looking like we can relax a bit. But the TV just showed a line of storms going back West. It could be a bumpy night.

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