Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  • Yesterday my 9YO Drama King lamented how mis-treated he has been throughout his life ?! - Serious discussions ensued. He did concede that he was lucky that he had a friend next door, both parents married and living together, plenty of food to eat, clothes to wear, Cable TV to watch, video games and internet.
  • The 13YO is going to have a rude surprise when he comes home and finds that he cannot get ont he computer. I password protected it. He's been finding other things to do rather than his homework.
  • Both boys have Christmas programs (it is a Parochial school, so it is a Christmas program) LOL). The 9 YO had the school where every kids from K-5th participate. The 13 YO has a band concert. I told Hubby we'd flip a coin, but he decided to let the 9 YO choose who he wanted to go to his program. He Chose Dad. Yeesssss! I get to go to the Advanced band concert.


Aunt Murry said...

Hey thanks for stoping by. I think the discussion with the 13yo is a right of passage. I seemed to have had tht very conversation with all of my brother's kids. Although their parents aren't married we all have tried very hard not to let that be a HUGE problem. Good luck with the teen aged angst

Jackie said...

Maggie, hope that you have a wonderful evening. Teenagers are kind of like husbands. Can't live with em but can't live with out them either.

God Bless.