Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My ADHD teen and sports

We are coming to a rather scary period of time. It is the between sports season time. Wrestling season is coming to a close. Baseball won't start until the first of April. Actually, Spring has not been as much of a problem as late Fall, I think becasue we have been able to keep the 13YO is some extended wrestling. Even practice 2 days a week prevents many Hyperactivity symptooms. However, he is showing signs of being ready to be done with Wrestling. Last Spring Hubby had the boy going to the off season practices, but he was goofing off even more and that's not fair to the coaches or the other teammates. So I am hesitant to do this again. Maybe they will keep up on the strength training on Tuesday night. I think we can convince him to go to those.

Another note, we met with the Intervention Specialist for Freshmen of the High school yesterday. That makes me feel even better that this school is the right decision, not matter what other uses I can come up with for spending that tuition money.


DW said...

Are there any kind of club sports he can join, say through the Y?
Think you could get him interested in running, maybe training for some kind of charity run or other event?

Shane said...

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for stopping by my ADHD & LD Resource Blog. I've missed you! So glad to hear that you are growing more comfortable with your decision for your son's freshman year. Keep us posted. :)