Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summertime quickies

  • We are still on target making some changed to the family money management. That is good. But I still get down at times.
  • My teenager has broken 100 lbs. That is good for a child on stimulant meds. His growth has been steady. I am waiting for a large growth spurt. My Hubby grow 5 inches when he was a freshman in High school. And little brother is only about 4 inches shorter, but as broad in the shoulders.
  • We are on sumer hiatus from organized activities. July 27 the teenagers has pre-band camp band practice. Aug 3rd the 9YO begins football practice.

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Jackie said...

Maggie our youngest, who happens to be 27 right now just broke the 140 lb mark. That wouldn't be too bad....but he is 5'11" tall.

God bless.