Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hardest of Decisions

I've never been a public school mom, but next week I will be.

Since last post, I did get an email form the Intervention specialist and there is a meeting set for NEXT week to see how to help A. But I talked to A's Counselor and she started asking questions about why it seemed there was such an escalation of his behavior. I told her that other kids seem to be provoking him this week . So she started asking what they were doing about this problem. I sent an email to the principal and her words were "I don't think you need to blow off A's problems by blaming other kids."

Decision made. He'll be in the public school by next week. But now I looked at the calendar and the school is off Monday and Tuesday. Hum. Wednesday then., But it seems as if it has become a toxic environment for him. Not good for a poor 10 year old.


Jackie said...

Maggie, a parent has to do what ever it takes to keep their child safe and happy.

God bless.

Maggie said...


DW said...

Maggie ... I am sorry you all are having such a rough time.
I'm appalled at the school's attitude. It's sounds like they don't want to admit there's a bullying problem.
I don't blame you for taking him out of that environment ... hang in there.