Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New school, new friends

The new school means new friends within the subdivision. It is generating phone calls saying " Rember the kid that came with the other kid to the door last night? He lives on the cross street. Can I ride my bike to his house and play?"

And then the follow up call. "Hi Mom, Kid1 could not play so now I am over at kid2's house. I can ride my bike home." Can I play outside at his house while his Mom goes to pick up his bike?"

Crap, is it now convenient for me to give my 10 YO his own phone?

Actually, this is wonderful. The 10 YO is no longer moping around. Yesterday morning he was talking away. At first I was a bit annoyed, but then I remembered that he has not been doing this, so I decided to enjoy it as a sign of the bad times going away.


Barb said...

Magggue-havent been on morning checkins much so this is new to sounds like things are going well. My vote is no for the phone if he just stays in the neighborhood, LOL.

Shane said...

We're moving in two months. This move, however, is different. We're going back to SC to the same house/neighborhood/school we were in before. We're all super excited. It's been over 2 years though so I'm sure my boys will have some readjusting to do.