Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


In case anyone is still following my blog, quick update, my job was eliminated June 2011. Spend July and Aug at home hanging out with my 11 YO. We did a hometown touristy thing a week. Then the week after he went back to school, I got a call to work a temp job. Then Jan 3 I started a new job, working from home.

I saw a line in a blog this morning. The Author loved being a WAHM, but she did not always like it. Hey, that's me. I am doing work that I mostly enjoy. I get paid well. I love being home when my boys leaved for school. I love being home when they get home (even if they are a bit loud at times). I love being able to take 4 steps into the kitchen to make dinner before practice rather than leaving a boy to his own devices. I love knowing where they are (usually..). I love leaving my car at home (rather Hubby's, he drives my Prius to work and his Mini van stays here.) I love being able to make my own lunch in my own kitchen.

What I don't like: I miss the people. the co-workers. I miss knowing what my co-workers are working on, is someone following up on this issue? It gets lonely at home. Then I made my home's dining room my office. However, there is a door way to the kitchen and the kitchen is open to the family room. the now-12 YO tends to come in form school and flip on the TV and watch DVRd episodes of MythBusters and Good Eats. Not bad programs, but it is distracting to me. Hubby said "tell him he's not allowed to turn on the TV until 4:30." Well, D-oh. Great idea. Worked well yesterday. I am worried about this summer. So I am working on some sort of homemade barn-style door for the office. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie! It's Gail aka Cookasita. FWIW What about getting a couple pairs of wireless headphones for the TV?! The boys can watch without disturbing you while you work. No need to install a door. Win-win. :-)