Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Small Success Thursday - March Madness edition

My husband graduated from the University of Dayton in 2005. We were married with 2 kids, so I take credit for supporting him during that time. So I am proudly wearing one of his UD shirts in honor of their appearance in a Sweet 16 game tonight.

But this week has felt rather routine, even though it is a new routine. My 14YO's rec soccer league started practices. We got an email Sunday form the coach that practice would be Tuesday. Sunday was busy with his band concert, so Monday we went to buy new cleats, etc. We went to the Soccer store near us and brought home a pair of cleats that cost north of $160. One of those I did not realize until I was looking at the receipt since we also got a goalie jersey and gloves. Good grief, for Recreational soccer. So took my Lunch hour on Tuesday to the big-box sporting goods store near my office and found a reasonable-priced Men's sized  13 soccer cleats. My son declared them good and I returned the expensive ones.

I have been making my breakfast  this week and lunch 3 of the 4 day since lunch out was planned for Wednesday. Sometime sit is hard to do that. I am also trying ta eat an apple per day. I am not much of a fruit eater. Give me vegetables instead.

Actually made an appointment to have my hair cut on Saturday. I like to keep my hair short. But I hate making the stupid appointment. But it is done and scheduled for Saturday.

Why does this all seem so lame.. I guess I am getting up each day and going to work, the kitchen is stocked with food to keep us from starving, my son is getting to the places and activities he wants to. So I am accomplishing my mission as wife and Mom.

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Barb, ofs said...

WTG for returning the pricey shoes! I wouldn't have had such a reasonable response from my 12-year-old rec-league soccer player. Oh, the drama!

Anonymous said...

Sports can be expensive. Sigh.
I think your successes are marvelous.

Jaime said...

Keeping enough food around and everyone going where they are supposed to be going is a huge accomplishment! Awesome job finding cheaper soccer shoes. Hope this week is wonderful for you! God bless.