Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Small Success Thursday

Happy Thursday, I feel like it should be Friday already. I has been a busy week. I am looking forward to the long weekend in the US.

1. My work is currently on a contract basis. I work in IT and have been at the same company as a contractor since October 2012. All last year every three months my contract was renewed. In December, I was convinced I was not going to be renewed when 2 days before the end, I was notified that my manager was able to renew me, and for 6 months. Lately I have watched other contractors being terminated early as part of a massive cost-cutting effort. I am trying to put it all in God's hands. I am being contacted about other opportunities. So I do feel like I am being looked after. Fortunately Hubby's job is well-paying with benefits. My pay is used to pay DS14's high school tuition and extras.

2. I got myself out of bed M&W and did a quick workout on my rowing machine. A few weeks ago we moved out a couch that was simply a catch-all for the 14YO's stuff. I did not like going down there.  Now that it is a bit more organized, I am more willing to spend time down there.

3. Well.. I have been doing what is expected of me. Making dinner, going to work and focusing on what I am there for, looking after my family, did laundry over the weekend...

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