Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Mercy edition

Thursday again. Time to reflect on the small mostly un-noticed things we do to keep our lives going. I am linking up with Catholic Mom

What a week for me. I keep getting worked up over stuff. 

I live very near Cincinnati, where a boy made his way into a Gorilla enclosure and a magnificent animal was put down to save the boys life. I have spent the week getting pretty worked up by all the people condemning the Mom (Hey, the Dad was there too) Many other bloggers have doe a better job that I talking about this. I just need to stop watching the news and reading comboxes. But I could see my older son doing something like this if the notion struck him. I felt for the Mom. Of course the story is constantly in the news. Every angle has to explored. Today there was a story on the psychology of the outrage against the Mom. In hindsight, she should have taken the child comment that he wanted to play in the water more seriously. Yes she took her eye of that son to attend another child (and not to be on her phone like a lot of mean commenters have accused her of). The public wants a lynching in charges filed. The family stated they have no plans to sue the Zoo. People think it is a lie. Good Grief. 

The next question on my mind is about my teenager. I wrote a couple of week ago that this was a bad year academically. He has his last 2 exams this morning and then he is done until August. But a new crop of his math homework grades appeared online. He did not both to do them. This is a kid taking Honors level math classes. He signed up for 4 AP and 2 honors classes next year. At dinner I asked him "Why, we have talked about this". "I don;t have an answer" was his reply Does he deserve some Mercy? I think we have said all we can to him, but the behavior continued. He says he is gearing up for the load next year. I think I need to ramp up my prayer game and maybe get my Helicopter Mom's license. 

Finally, my poor husband has been under a lot of work stress. Friday he made a move that really ticked me off. He acknowledged that I had a reason but of course, once I got set off, I got upset about a lot of things that I had been able to overlook in the past. I finally told him that I think I had been absorbing a lot of is stress, trying to make home life easier on him, but I have reached my limit. 

Hubby had to take a short notice trip overseas, so maybe I can get back in front of my stress. I need to find a more effective was of dealing than eating and getting worked up about things I have no control. (Do I have at least influence over the Teenagers behavior?) I now I need to have Mercy on myself as well as the rest of the world so I don't let it all eat away at me. 

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