Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, May 08, 2008

They know...

Eithr my appliances are sentient or Mr. Murphy of Muprhy's law fame is paying us a visit. My Oven is on the fritz. Mr. Heating and Air (and thus expert in gas pilot lights and all, took it apart and diagnosed a worn out ingnighter coil. And of course, it's not anything the local Sears harware and Appliance store stocks. While he was looking for the part he looked at new Gas ranges. We had a discussion before he left of repair or replace. I said repair and he wanted to know if I was sure. It would sure be nice to have a 5-burner model with a griddle.

When he left he was thankful. Turns out new ranges with the features we'd like to have start at 50 -100% more than what he though they did. So the ignighter coil is being replaced.

So why Murphy's law? DS8 Makes his First Communion at Saturday night Mass. We are having a party with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and GodParents. Fortunately I think I can make everthing I planned on the stovetop...except the cake. I guess I'll be ordering one from the bakery.

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