Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm here - New Lawn Mower

Hi all three of my readers... LOL! I feel like that's conceited of me.

I have a post in the back of my mind about the new riding lawn mower we got this week, but I have not taken a picture. It is kind of blowing my mind that Hubby and the boys are sooo excited by it. When I was in Third grade, we moved to this house that was on about 3/4 of an acre. The yard was naturally divided up into 4 sections: The front, the back, the back-back and the pool. The back yard was divided by a set of hedges that had a large opening leading to the large in-ground pool. But there was a whole othr yard behind and around the pool.

We usually had 2 working riding lawn mowers. It seemed like we were cutting grass all the time. Hubby loves to cut his grass. I was only allowed to cut the front when he physically could not walk. He has always had a small lawn and could make it look "perfect". I'd mow one way and then turn and mow a different way when I got bored. The last of pretty rows drove him nuts.

So the new riding lawn mower arrived Thursday evening. He stayed home for the 13 YO's baseball game to mow because the grass was rather high. Last night he was golfing. I looked out my kitchen wndows and noticed that there were rows in the gras, side-by-side. I was expecting a circle. He did make a comment that he did not cut it in the most efficient manner. The 13 YO and I had a good laugh imagining him cutting perfect rows with the tractor.

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Jackie said...

Maggie, my husband does the same with the push mower. Perfectly straight rows every time. On the other hand let me get at the lawn mower and I have wavy lines and as hubby says a design in the grass every time.

God bless.