Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, August 11, 2008


-        Heavy sighs

-        Huffing and puffing

-        Smart alec comments

All good indicators that I have a teen ager in my house. 

He’s really enjoying football. Thursday they had a scrimmage. He was on Defense B. He lined up across form the center. (I was later informed that this is the nose guard. My cousin played center, so I know the real name and no longer call it “the guy who hikes the ball.”). But he’s one of the smallest guys in on the team. This Mom got a bit worried. He also got in on a few plays at Split end.  He stayed late at Saturday’s practice for extra receiver practice.

Then yesterday he and Dad went and played Golf. They got pair up with two other guys who told B he should stick with Golf, that he has a great drive.

Thursday he has a pool party with his classmates Noon until 4 PM. Then golf practice at the driving range 4-6 and Football practice 6-8.



Jackie said...

I remember the sighs as well. Now if you add in eye rolling it would be just like my house when the boys were growing up.

God bless.

The Ballinger Family said...

Yep....sounds a lot like my house. Don't forget talking under their breath as they are rolling their eyes. ;o} I am blessed with two teenagers. Just wanted to pop in and say hi....Tracy