Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, August 25, 2008

Smells like Teen Spirit

Ah, yeah. So Thursday the 13 Yo had Golf practice from 2-4:30. Meet the teacher night 4:15 - 5:45 and Football at 5:30. Meet the teacher became a victim. Fortunately, there are no new Junior High teachers this year.

I took off half a day form work to make this happen. I pick him up after Golf and he raised his arms. Oh my, Big boy stink. I knew after football was going ot be bad. I toyed with picking him up a new shirt and a stick of deodarant, but did not follow through.

So I quizzed him (while the AC was blasting to keep the air moving).
M: Did you use deodorant?
B:You mean before golf? no.
M: Did you put some on when you got dressed this morning?
b: No
M: (quite exasperated) Did you at least put some pn after you took a shower last night?
B: No

So how do you convince a boy that deodarant needs to be a crucial part of him morning routine?

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Lin (LWolfT) said...

Well, when he begins to notice girls, I suspect he'll start using deodorant, LOL!