Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Strawberry Jam anyone?

A couple of Weeks ago, the Man I pledged to stick to for better or Worse, called me. We are out of Strawberry Jam. I looked in the corner cupboard and there aren't anymore jars on the shelf.

Oh no! I did not get around to making a batch. I figured I still had plenty. So the local Mega -mart had an end of season sale on Strawberries. I stopped Friday night. They had been well-picked over, but my family deserves homemade strawberry jam. (I find it quite easy to make). I had to buy twice as much as I usually do because of all the unseable peices. I get home and start to pull out my empty jars. Hey, what's this? At the bottom of the cupboard are 7, yes Seven! jars of strawberry jam.

The Man is out on the lawn tractor, moving the weeds. I go out, Hold up the jar, then I tuck it under my arm and hold up 7 fingers. Then I turn around and walk back intot he house.

Yeah, he's right, it won't go to waste. But still, out of season strawberries. The Man cannot find things right in front of his face. I don't get it. After 15 years, I know he has a problem finding stuff.

Any my son wonders why last night, when he tells me he can't find his School Unifoprm Shirt, the I start diggind in his drawers. Yes, we found all 5.

I don't even eat strawberry jam.

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