Band Parents

Band Parents

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh boy, forgot the patch

The ADHD 13 YO had a wrestlign tournament in Cleveland today. Last night hubby called me saying he forgot to pack the boys medication. Oh boy. Even the boys psychiatrist admitted after getting his medical records that it appears as if he needs some sort of meds. He's been on high doses ever since he started. He's also had a steady growth rate. She was initially worried about his 25 percetile in weight and height for his age.

Hubby ended up going to the store and buying a couple of can of Red Bull. He did have a talk with one of the coaches who noticed that the boy "was a different kid" In one match against a former teammate, he made stupid moves and did not listen to his coach.

Last week I blocked internet access for him between 3:30 and 5:00 PM. He was not too happy, but once again he spent too much time on the internet and not doing his homework. He did admit to having some outstanding assignments. I threw a verbal fit when I found out that he had three lab write ups to do over the weekend but only told us he had one.

This Friday is the day we have to go and pay the tuition deposit for his High School. We did tell him that we were not paying the tuition for him to have missing assignments. Dad told him we are committed to his freshman year, but he needs to prove it is worth our money. Otherwise he could attend our excellent public school and we could take a vacation.

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