Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can you believe it? I am up-to-the minute on my scrapbooking. All current event (except for the 9 YO soccer, are printed and in the binder. Of course I am a simple scrapbooking. I'm not much into too many embellishements. Put some pictures on a page, make the background a matching or coordinating color, add some descriptions and I am happy.

We spent our spring break at My Mom and Dad's lakehouse in NC. I went through Mom's pictures again and scanned in a lot of old family pictures. I posted most of them on my facebook page. One in particular was a family picutre from 1986. I have about 10 cousins who are in their 20's looking at the picture with new eyes and commenting on it. That's what I enjoy abotu Facebook. We get to connect with each other.

My next effort is to start going through slides. My Aunt did some cleaning a few years ago and wanted to get rid of the slides. My grandfather took many slides. Last night I mostly went through a 6 quart platic box of them. There are mostly from 1962, 1966-1975. This is going to be fun.


DW said...

Good for you on the photos and slides! I've slowly been going through my late DM's photos and sending some of them off to various family members. But I still have many I want to scan and put on CD.

Jackie said...

I went through my Dad's photos a couple of years ago, and am still working on getting them put into albums. Congratulations on getting all caught up.

God bless.