Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mother's day giveaway at 5 minutes for Mom

The first blog that shows up in my feed reader is 5 Minutes for Mom. For mother's day this year, they are giving away a Toshiba laptop. Check it out and sign up to win it.

That's 5 minutes for Mom. The soft pink is really pretty.

We could use a new machine at home. We have 2, but there are both from about 2002. My boys use them to surf the Internet. They are great for that. One of these days I should get adventurous and put Linux on one. But I just picked up this slide scanner. I have slides my Grandparents took in the 60's and early 70's. There is actually an obscene number of me as a baby. I was the second grand child, my Mom is #2 of 11 kids. Anyways, this slide scanner only works with USB2. Both my home computers have USB1.

Did I mention that both Hubby and I have laptops from work. We are often both sitting int he family room with the TV on and our computers going. Hubby likes to play games and I like to read blogs and forums. LOL!

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Jackie said...

I was going to ask if a person needed a special scanner for slides, now I see you do. Thanks I will have to look for one.

God bless.