Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Decisions, decision - at 1:00 in the morning


I have the on call pager this week. Last night one of the email perimeter servers stopped working. I could not access it remotely, it needed to be restarted by having someone takeout the power cord, counting 5 “steamboats and plugging it back in.  Last weekend our data center went “lights out” during the overnight hours.  So my fuzzy brain is trying to process it all. Now this server is one of four. It could stay down until morning. However, I did not know how to disable the monitoring service so that the pager would not go off every hour.  I decided to go in and take care of it then I would drive back home (this is a 20-mile trip) to get my boys up and ensure they made it on the school bus. Oh yes, Hubby is on a business trip this week.


So when I arrived back at work this morning, my senior tech asked why I came in. I told him I thought about it, and decided that I wanted to set a good example for the rest of the team. As I thought about it, I may have made a different decision if Hubby had been at home and available to get the boys on the bus. I would have gone in about 5 AM, got the server back up and running and then gone on with my day.


Yes I now know how to suspend the monitoring for a particular server. We are also going to sit down at our team meeting on Friday and make a list of the critical servers that we should make the trip in to the data center in the wee hours of the morning to fix.

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