Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, November 22, 2013

Look, another post. And another MEME from a Catholic Mom.

--- 1 ---

My 14Yo Son had his first Bass guitar lesson last night. He's been taking percussion lessons for several years. Even though he's an 8th grader, he's marched with the High School band this year. Mostly because Hubby did not want to give up being the lead Truck Crew Dad in the year after the Older son graduated and the younger one started. But now playing the bass guitar, he can be a part of the Jazz band next year and not have to fight for a spot among the percussionist. After his lesson we could hear him picking out the leading bass guitar note to a popular song played by the marching band.

--- 2 ---

I will be setting up my dining room this weekend and we will eat a pre-Thanksgiving dinner in it Sunday night. When we moved into this house with the formal dining room, we did not have proper furniture and used the room more as a home office. Since then we acquired a buffet and the 18YO moved out. So that freed up a bedroom for the home office and with three of us, I have a small table we can put in the breakfast nook and the big table can go into the living room. I mentioned getting out the china. Neither son remembered we even have china.

--- 3 ---

And speaking of my china, which had been my MILs, to go with it I have a set of goldplated silverware. It is a hysterical story of how Hubby's grandmother won them playing BINGO. She was so excited that she could give the set to us. Gold is not my style, and it clashed with the silver rim on the china, but the memory of that gift makes me smile, so i will use it.

--- 4 ---

Refer to number 1 and the 14yo marching with the high school band. They don't do many competitions, they are there to support the football team. And the football team is deep into post-season play. Last year the team won the state tournament. So we could be playing in December. I volunteered to help with the truck crew that gets the equipment to the game and on and off the field. It's supposed to be cold tomorrow.

--- 5 ---

Is it a bad thing to complain that your winter jacket is too warm? I will be thankful for it at the football game, but it is too warm for this spoiled suburbanite who goes from garage to car to parking lot to building. I got it towards the end of last year. The zipper on my old one was separating too often for my liking. I ordered this one from LLBean. I am thinking that I'd love to have a short wool coat for when the air is merely cold as opposed to arctic. But what about those people who don't even have warm coats... Oh the guilt.

--- 6 ---

Every Thanksgiving we get together with my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins on my Dad's side every Thanksgiving. Many years ago, my reluctant-leftover-eating husband said the only problem is not having Thanksgiving leftovers. Well, I could certainly fix that. So I fix a big dinner the Sunday before with Turkey and traditional sides. Hubby gets his leftovers, I get to take advantage of cheap turkey prices.

--- 7 ---

I need a sign "Caution: Busy weekend ahead" and not try to do too much. DS14 is taking his Catholic High School entrance exam, football game, cooking a big meal, moving furniture and dished around... I do too much. My feet and my back will hate me if I am not careful.

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Jackie said...

Nice to see an update from you Maggie. You are very busy!!

God bless.