Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Small Successes Thursday - Feburary Thaw edition

Well I missed last week and the week before I linked up to the previous week's post...

On Valentines day, we had a snowstorm and my favorite Valentine's flight home was cancelled. He came in Saturday afternoon where I fixed him a steak and potatoes dinner. But the night was not lost as I babysat my 6 week old Grandson.

Filed our taxes. I was waiting on one last statement. and realized we had sold some stock. Ugh, But it was finished and filed. With the refund I don;t think I will need to make any changes to account for losing a dependent for 2014.

I don't know if it is a pair of new shoes or Arnica Gel, but my chronically sore ankle is feeling better. I have flat feet that give me plantar fasciitis and a sore ankle. My orthotics and athletic shoes were not helping. But this si not an excuse to not call the podiatrist (And I need a new one... Yuck).

So after 2 days of tems above freezing, we still have snow on the ground. Here in Sw Ohio, we usually have several freeze-Thaw cycles. But this snow has been around for a few weeks and the pile had been growing. Here's praying we don't get flooding.

Oh My goodness - Monday - A Holiday (not that contractors get paid for Holidays..) But it was a very productive day at home. I actually used powertools and installed 2 sliding shelves in one of my kitchen cabinets. I also ran some errands that had been nagging at me, Took the 14 yo to get new shoes (size 13 people!) Made a pot of homemade Chicken noodle soup for the same son's lunches... Wow, I got a lot done! I needed that day...

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Barb, ofs said...

I think that thing about the sliding shelves is a BIG success! Now you need pictures!