Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Small Successes - Jan 30

Hello everyone,

This week is a bit sad for me as I don't currently have a kid in Catholic schools for the first time since 2001. But that will change next year when my younger son moves on to the Catholic high school. Even though his public Junior High is a wonderful place, I am ready for him to go back to being immersed in Catholic values throughout his entire school day. (Gory details of how I yanked him from the Catholic school in 2010 can be found here.)

But anyways, My successes for this week:

- Went with Hubby to the gym twice, Sunday and Tuesday. We will go again tonight. Although my foot\Ankle hurts, I will go and ride the bike or use the rowing machine.

- I have all my paperwork together to do our taxes. I plan to install my software later today and get started.

- Got the scrapbook for My Grandson started. I orders prints form his Baptism, but all the pcitures take his first 2 weeks are nicely scrapbooked.

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