Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday again - Small Successes - Independence Day edition

Happy Thursday/Fake Friday,

It has been a busy few weeks. I started a new contract job. I feel so blessed. The old job was 25 Miles North of home and the department is in massive cost-cutting mode. I was not sure my contract was extended. It was a not-quite the last minute, but a new opportunity located 6 mile from home appeared. This is significant because in August when my 14YO starts high school, we will need to get him to and from school. This job is between home and school.

Also this week, the same 14YO is attending conditioning and pre-season workouts for soccer. The 6-9 puts a crimp in planning dinnertime.

So, my successes:
1) 6:20 AM right now and I have chicken baking. The 14YO may or may not eat it, but I can throw it in the freezer for lunches or quick dinner.  I am cooking at odd times so we can grab and go.

2) I am trying to quit milk or cream in my coffee. I struggle with my weight and pre-diabetes. Every little calorie counts. I am striving for health. Now I need to make exercise a priority.

3) Getting my footing at the new job.


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