Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, March 27, 2015

Small Success Thursday (a day late) March 26

Wow, Fresh new logo. I like it.

I am a day late with my Small success.

My vocation of wife and Mom has always had an income-earning component. The first decade and a half of our marriage, I earned the bigger portion of the income. Then Hubby went back to school and since has been a rising star.  Since Fall of 2011, I have been playing the contractor game. (I work in IT).

All this to say that I started a new contract at the beginning of the month and it is kicking my rear-end. It is a hard push project and I am not liking it much. But I trudge on. Maybe next week i will have different news.

One morning I was deeply frustrated and lashed out at my husband when we were talking about dinner options. He called me on it and I was able to vocalize the things that were causing my stress. Besides an undesirable environment on the job, I am driving far and not able to pick my son up from school like I had been. I actually enjoyed being able to do those Mom-duties on my last assignment.

 My son got his driving learner's permit. We've been out driving almost every day. It is coll watching his confidence grow. But as I said with my older son, I never imagined I'd be the more patient parent in teaching my boys to drive.

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