Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Jan 21 edition

Thursdays are the days we are encouraged to acknowledge the little things we do to make our lives and those of our families run more smoothly.

I am watching the weather report. It is looking as if the snowstorm that is predicted to hit the east coast tomorrow is going to bring the Ohio Valley, where I live, a small smattering of snow. My 16YO is of mixed opinions on this. He has a big music contest Saturday that he has been working hard for that he'd hate to miss. But he got a snow day yesterday courtesy of a little snow that fell at the wrong time and snarled local traffic.

I am trying to get back into working out. I hit my mark M & W.  So I workout tomorrow and I have nailed my goal.

I made a batch of grape jelly on my day off Monday from a jar of juice. It looks to have gelled firmer than my last batch.

I am hoping to have lunch with 2 girlfriends today. It was mentioned a couple of weeks ago and then I did not hear anything. I sent a text to both and got a reply "I was supposed to send an email and did not, Sorry." I am not very good at that sort of communication. but I did it.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I hope your girlfriend lunch works out and that your son gets to go to his competition. I know kids (and grownups, sometimes) are all about snow days--but it's hard when that gets in the way of some important activity.
Nice going on the exercise! I'll be cleared to do that just in time for Lent (I'm hoping) so I hope to be able to report some small success in that area in just a few weeks.

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