Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Back to ordinary

Hi everyone,

Well, first Thursday in weeks that I have had a normal Thursday, crazy as my normal Thursdays are. Last week I was still in Holiday mode as Hubby and i were lucky enough to sneak away for several days in the Caribbean. We had a great time and avoided sunburn.

I made dinner at home Tuesday, but last night to kitchen sink backed up as I was getting ready to cook. A few applications of industrial-strength Liquid Plummer did not get it flowing enough. So I ordered Chinese takeout. Just going with the flow here.

This evening, after remembering that Hubby and the 16YO would be away at dinner, I called my parents and visited them. Mom felt bad that she was not cooking. They planned to go out for pizza. fine by me. I had a very nice visit.

So That is my week of getting back to normal.

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