Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Small Success Thursday - May 12, 2016

Happy Thursday! At Catholic Mom, Thursday is a day to celebrate the small things we do to keep our lives running smoothly.

It feels like lots was going on this week. Hubby came back home from a 2 week business trip to Switzerland. It was very quite when he was gone as TheTeen was busy with rehearsing with the band for the school musical. I cooked and ate a lot of fish and no one complained.

But back to this week. Hubby endured some changes at work that surprised him. but in the end it is all good. But I took him out to dinner for food and drinks Monday night.

TheTeen has struggled with his school work\grades. I don't feel like he should be. I am wondering if he has stretched himself too thin. Trying to figure out how not to be a Helicopter parent but give him the push he needs to get it all done. Because he can get it all done.

I think I am all ready for my parent's 50th Wedding anniversary on Saturday. I prints a lot of Collage print pictures for decorations. I need to pick up last minute items such as coffee ground, milk, ice.

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Sherry Antonetti said...

Balance with teens is always hard. Especially as they get to the upper grades. Hugs for being there, that is sometimes just the very best thing, to be there with the brownies or nachos and the squeeze on the shoulder, "You can do it."

We've taken to what my husband calls "the Kindness Offensive." I text my teens "I love you or Have a great day." every day. It helps.

Allison Gingras said...

Ah teens. My oldest just finished his first semester of college. He only took 2 classes so he could ease himself into this new routine of homework, etc. He is fairly sure he failed the only class he had in his major. He is planning to do better next semester and I HAVE no doubt he will because he is footing the bill THIS TIME!! And... can I just say there is much to be said about helicopter parenting - in hindsight here wish I had been more of one this time! :)