Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, June 18, 2007

House Hunters - Madcap style

So have you ever whateched "House Hunters" on HGTV? After showing a couple look at three houses, the announcer says something like: " So Which one will they choose, The Traditional budget buster with all the room, the well-priced two-story with wite carpet, or the smaller home with the screened-in porch.

So we plan to submit an offer on the well-priced two story.

We had visited 5 houses Saturday and found the Budget-buster. It was within the range Hubby had expanded our search to, but the A/C was not working. Mr. HVAC wanted to tour the house with it working right. But then a funny thing happened. He started getting cold feet about spending that much on a house. Mr. We-can-afford-that-payment.... We looked at two others on Sunday. The 7 YO was with us (not happily). He liked the Home with the screened-in porch. It was in a different school district than the other two and thus had higher taxes. It was a bit smaller. Especially the Kitchen. (Our kids will be attedning a Parochial school). A drawback on our chosen house it storage space for DH's tools. There are no outbuilding allowed re: Home Owner's association - but a big pool. So everthing will have to go in the basement. But it has the almost light carpet throughout. So we may have to alter the basement a bit.

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