Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, June 15, 2007

We have a contract on our house

Our real estate agent came over about 10 PM for us to sing the papers. Yipee. We will come out slight on the negative side of the money equation, but we knew it would be close. I think we will mkae up the difference in saved gas expenses over the next year or so.

So now the house hunt begins in earnest. We have been in contact with an agent. She sent a list of 44 houses that meet our criteria. I put 22 of them in the NO pile becasue we had seen them and did not like them or they did not have Gas heat. There are 22 left. I picked out 5 and requests showing of them tomorrow. They are all in the same subdivision. I will have Hubby go through the rest of them for possible showings Sunday or even next week.

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