Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Business Travel

Once upon a time, I traveled for business. This was back before Hubby went back to school and got his degree, back when I was bringing in 2/3 rds of the family income. I felt guilty (usually). While it was nice being away, I worried abotu stuff at home. Especially when DS-now-8 was an infant. Yes, I left him at home. I always believed that my family handled my traveling better than I did. I have to admit I wondered why Hubby had his Mom over a lot more to help him out.

So now, with Hubby's new job is coming travel. (And it is getting more frequent). Now i am on the other end. I understand why he saw his Mom more often. Especially since the boys were quite little. (Like 0 & 5 all the way to 3 & 8). So while now the kids are older and able to do a lot for themselves, in a way it is easier, but in a way it is more difficult because i do become the shuttle bus driver. With somebody having wrestling practice every night M-F, it is rush home from work, shovel in some dinner, hop in the car for the 13 mile drive to the high school in rush hour traffic, finding something to occupy me and a non-wrestler for 2 hours, back home for shower, snack and bed. Whew!

Yesterday Hubby got asked to make a quick trip for a survey on Friday. He'll leave Thursday afternoon and come home Friday night. So what's the problem? I had agreed (with Hubby's blssing) to participate with a focus group of the Alumni associatation Thursday evening and then go for a girl's night out on Friday. I had to cancel both. We discussed asking my brother to help, but I felt guilty asking him to do the Thursday shuffle*.

But you know what, even the Thursday shuffle* is better than the 10 hour workdays and impersonal hotel rooms and wondering what is happening at home.

*Thursday shuffle:
  • Meet the 8 yo's bus at 3:30 at home
  • Pick up the 12 Yo from band practice at 4:30
  • Feed us all (not enough time to go home, eat and get to practice in rush hour)
  • Drop DS12 off at Wrestlign practice at 6:00.
  • Entertain the 8 Yo for 2 hours
  • 8:00 practice ends
  • 8:25 at home for showers and snacks
  • 9:00 bedtime

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