Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Windy City

I'm on a mini-vacation in the Windy City. Hubby is attending a conference and I cam along for the ride. I did bring my laptop and am keeping in touch with work. We are trying to hire someone and I am doing thisgs related to that.

We are staying with a family that are good frineds of ours. G&L actually introduced us. Hubby and G went to High school together and L & I met at our first job att eh big oil Company here in Chigaco when we were both fresh out of college. They have a nice house in he city and it's always an adventure. Especially for peopl ewho live in the suburbs.

Yesterday L took the day off to spend with me. My goal is to do much of my Christmas shopping. But yesterday we started out walking their kids to school. then we went to the gym. L's trainer put me through exercises. I am a bit sore today. We came back tot he house, both did some remote email work. and about 11 am we were off again. We went to a store for workout clotheing her trainer has been bugging her about. Then we went to Wriglyville where I got a few Cub-themed items for gifts. We ate lunch. Then we went down to the loop so i could go to the DePaul Bookstore there. I got my MBA at DepAul and wanted some stugg that had the Grad College on it. L circled the block in her car while I shopped. I got a diploma frame that I have been wanteing along with 2 shirts, a pair of sweat pants and a coffee cup.

Today I am going to meet my brother. His wife just got a job in Chicago and he's looking for one. They are staying out in the burbs. He wil ride the train in and I am going to meet him at the station. We'll bum around together for a bit.

the boys are having a good ole time at home. Grandma (my Mom) is staying with them. Unfortunately for her, this is the first week of Wrestling practice and she has to run one of them somewhere every night.

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