Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween recap.

So I had been planning to post some Halloween Pictures. I have some good ones of the 8 YO carving his pumpkin. The pictures are still on the camera.

The above-mentioned 8 YO did a good job carving his pumpkin, once Mom gutted it. He did want to do that part. The 12 Yo was too busy finishing up homework to carve a pumpkin.

Hubby went out of town on Halloween. Lucky me. The 8 Yo had to wear his costume to school for hte Halloween parade. He laid out a baseball uniform on Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning decided that he did not like that costume. Sigh. I think he ended up changing out the baseball jersey for a football jersey and took in his mask without a face.

Both boys went trick-r-treating with the neighbors while I stayed home and passed out treats. I had a big bag of smarties candy and a bunch of bouncy balls. My neighbor said i could expect up to 125 kids. I don't think we got that many. And it was a really nice night. There was quite a number of teenagers. That surprised me.

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