Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, December 10, 2007

This week

Mon - Tacos - although it turns out that Wrestling practice has been cancelled.

Tues - Turkey and Noodles. - Pulled the leftover Turkey out of the freezer. I will mkae it tonight and leave int he fridge to be warmed up.

Wed - (Dad's out of town) - Options: There is one more dish of Chicken and Rice casserole and some salisbury steak in the freezer.

Thurs - We'll grab soomething out.

Fri- Homemade pizza - but another busy night.

So I think I found some solutions to my Dilemma. I was haivng troble with getting the boys fed early enough to let dinner settle before practice. Theya re not very good at getting meals and they really don't want to do sandwiches. So I got some small glad/ziplock plastic containers. I made up some simple casseroles. One of the dished gives my boys about 2 servings. Even if it is rice, chicken and a can of Cram of chicken soup, it's better than a lot of the other things they'd be eating. I can leave it in the fridge and give them instructions to warm up a serving in the microwave and eat it at about 4:30.

For more great menus, check out Laura's blog.

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