Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, December 06, 2013

7 Quick takes Snowy Feast of St. Nicholas edition

--- 1 ---

St. Nicholas filled our stocking with about 3 pieces of candy and left a full candy dish sitting on the hearth. I told the 14YO that his new USB Power Pack should have come in his stocking.

--- 2 ---

So we are in the path of the big ice storm. My workplace is about 20 miles north and issued a 2- hour delay. Fortunately, as a contractor, I can work from home. So I am set up in the bedroom as Hubby, too is working from home and drew the office.

--- 3 ---

The freezing rain came, but still waiting for the snow. 4-7 inches is being predicted for my area.

--- 4 ---

Looking for the roads to be clear by tomorrow morning. We are headed to the state championship football game. It will be a 3 hour drive North. If you can see the header of my blog, we are involved with the high school band. Our older boy graduated last year. The younger will enroll next year but he marched with the band at the football games (Band director is no fool, he did not want to lose 2 of his most reliable parent boosters.)

--- 5 ---

So in preparing for the frigid weather and the (outdoor!) football game, I picked up some snow pant on Monday.

--- 6 ---

But the 14 YO still turns down offers of long underwear/runner's tights. He prides himself on wearing shorts in all but the coldest/snowiest weather. (He walks home from school)Last night he did say that if he had to go to school today it might be worth wearing long pants

--- 7 ---

Next year, at the Catholic High School, he will have a dress code. Can't wait.

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