Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Small Success Thursday 12-19

4 days between now and Christmas Eve, 2 quilts to finish and I work 3 of those days. ..

1. Woke early this morning so I got up and made the guest room bed for my Mom and Dad who arrive later today.

2. Started over from scratch Tuesday on my nephew's quilt. In one day I managed to sketch a simple design, acquire the fabric from the fabric store on my lunch hour, then that evening piece the top, the back and got it mostly pin basted.

3. Managed to whip up 2 mug rugs and a batch of cookies as some teacher gifts.

Tune in next week. Will I finish the quilts? Will I have a melt down over my 18yo's lack of interest in his continuing education?
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Jackie said...

You can do it Maggie!!!

God bless.