Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, December 09, 2013

Advent wreath link up

Here is my DIY advent wreath. Simply some baby food jars with tissue paper decoupaged on it and tea lights. The wreath is a remnant of artificial greenery shaped into a wreath. We just started a ritual of Sunday night diners with the recently-move-out 18YO and his Girlfriend. As a direct result of the 18 YO moving out, we moved the home office from the dining room to the newly spare-bedroom. So we have a formal dining room and can dust off my Mother-In-Law's China. So we not have the advent wreath as our center piece and light the appropriate candles during dinner this year.

 Linking up with Sarah's Advent wreath link up.

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Jackie said...

Love the wreath Maggie.

God bless.